Hudson Valley Natural Building

Hudson Valley Natural Building (HVNB) is a community-based artisan company. Our work includes timber frames, custom renovation, natural plaster and paint finishes, straw bale construction, earthen floors, educational workshops, and community work.

HVNB uses natural building practices and materials as a sustainable alternative to conventional methods and as a means to greater community involvement.

At HVNB we use local clay, sand, straw, recycled paper, salvaged wood, and other reclaimed construction waste to make our custom projects beautiful and sustainable.  We aim to be inclusive of anyone who wants to join in the fun.
Of course there are no industry standards or manufacturers’ specifications for natural building. To maintain a high degree of quality, HVNB is part of Natural Builders Northeast, an extensive network of regional professionals. Members of this group share knowledge and offer technical support to assure the success of every project.

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